Your Order
The online ordering process starts when a customer places an online order on the website along with all the necessary options, details, and cutting and packing preferences. All our prices are per kg based on the pre-cleaning weight of the seafood (we weigh whole fish, prawn, lobster, crab, etc.). Since seafood is a product of nature, the actual weight during the online ordering process can vary as compared to the ordered weight.
Order Confirmation
After a customer has successfully placed an online order, an automatic confirmation message will be sent. The confirmation message may contain the delivery lead time, payment instructions (depending on the city), and order tracking information. Since we are totally dependent on fresh catches, you will be informed if there are delays in arranging your required seafood.
Order Processing

Once the order is successfully received by our sales team, it will be forwarded to our technical team on the ground at Karachi Fish Harbor for the best quality product. 
Cutting & Packing

Once the desired product is selected, it’s then forwarded to our cutting and packing team at our warehouse at Karachi Fish Harbor. Our butcher has your cutting instructions in hand and he will do it as instructed. After cutting, your order will be packed in zipper bags.
All local catch on delivery order packs is kept in chillers for few hours so that they get chilled before delivery. Once your seafood is properly chilled and ready to deliver, our delivery team ensures smooth and timely delivery at your desired location.
Billing & Payment
Since we encourage paperless culture to save nature, we will share an e-Invoice at your provided WhatsApp number. The bill will be shared few hours before the delivery so that you can plan payment and collection.