Frequently Asked Questions

Please go through the below list of the most common frequently asked questions.
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All our prices are based on the pre-cutting weight of the seafood. For example, if you ordered 2 kg fish that the fish will be weighed whole before cutting. We will select the fish which is as close as possible to 2 kg however, sometimes, it’s impossible to get the exact whole weight of the seafood so the actual weight on your final bill may vary.
Since Seafood is a highly perishable segment and needs a specialized end-to-end supply chain, no courier company carries seafood. Hence, it’s not possible to deliver all over Pakistan. Currently, we are having a home delivery service in KHI, LHR, RWP, & ISD. In addition to this, we also have delivery to nearest railway stations in major cities based on advance online payments.
We arrange and deliver fish on the same day and do not store them or keep them overnight. So, it’s as fresh as you can get. It also goes through a Quality assessment by our Quality Controller ensuring that only the best quality fish is delivered to you.
We have almost every commercially valued seafood that exists in the Arabian Sea. Our product range includes all types of edible sea fish, Prawns, Crabs, Lobsters, Squids, and Octopus.

The minimum total order limit for all cash on delivery online orders is 4 kg (pre Cutting Weight). You can buy up to 2kg of each item. The minimum total order limit for other cities having railway station delivery is 5 kg (pre Cutting Weight). You can buy up to 2kg of each item.

The delivery charges vary as per your city. Following is the schedule for delivery charges:

Delivery Charges in Karachi with Cash on Delivery service: Rs. 150.

Delivery Charges in other cities with Railway Station Delivery: as per home distance from railway station or airport.

We deliver the freshest seafood using temperature-controlled delivery boxes installed on our Bikes. All Ex- Karachi deliveries are done using insulated Thermopole boxes with enough icing and air-tight wrapping.

We manage same day delivery in Karachi as per product availability. For other cities our delivery time is 48 hours as per distance involved. 

Gross weight prior cutting/cleaning and net weight after it will be displayed on delivery bill.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Any disrepency in the delivered seafood can be discussed with us and suitable compensation is guaranteed.

No. Since we are located at the main Karachi Fish Harbor, all our orders are arranged, processed, and delivered from here. We don’t operate shops and retails outlets because the retail model can impact freshness of the seafood by storing it for days at shop display racks. We deliver your seafood as soon as it reached the fish harbor.

Order can be cancelled prior delivery.
On successful order placement, you will receive an auto-generated confirmation email from our company
In case of unavailability of your ordered seafood, you will be informed and asked if the order needs to be canceled or delivered the next day.

The order can be amended prior dispatch. 

Customers in KHI, LHR, ISD, & RWP can pay via cash on delivery or online bank transfer as per convenience. Customers in cities where we offer delivery till nearest railway station will have to make advance online payment before shipping.